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Our values are the guiding light behind our incredible & high performance culture!

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Growth Mindset

We apply a growth mindset to ensure we can become the very best versions of ourselves

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Will to Win

Our will to win helps us consistently exceed expectations and always bounce back stronger

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Trusted to Deliver

We’re trusted to deliver and work collaboratively as an ego-free team to achieve this

“I’m genuinely inspired everyday by the people at Bright Network. Using first-class technology and a personal approach, we’re changing the world of graduate careers for the better. It’s an exciting journey to be on.”

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James Uffindell, CEO & Founder
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“There are many positives to working at Bright Network, two that stand out are; how sharp the team I'm surrounded by are! Second is the super collaborative culture which, in my eyes, is why Bright Network is able to build, deploy and adapt the most relevant and value driven solutions in the market!”

Sam Abdollahian, Account Director
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“For me, Bright Network is all about the people - the people I work with genuinely inspire me every day with their incredible approach to tackle every challenge that comes our way. Equally, the people our mission supports - the members. Witnessing their tenacity and sheer drive makes coming the work we do every day feel truly impactful”

Shelly O’Gilvie, B2C Marketing Lead
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“It's so refreshing to work in an environment where we're trusted to experiment and innovate without unnecessary constraints or red tape, and this allows us to build great products for our customers. The team is supportive and empathetic, and everyone is aligned on achieving the same objectives and key results.”

Ailsa Simpson, Product Director
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"I feel extremely privileged to work with such a bright, ambitious and driven team. Together, we're laser focused on disrupting the early careers space, for the better. Through data-driven methodologies and strategic partnerships with leading employers, we're making a genuine difference to young peoples' lives - and it's great to be a part of that!"

Kirsten Barnes
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